Sunday, November 6, 2011

Win a Trip to Ireland: Kelly Culhane Writing Competition

My father-in-law spent more than three years in the service during World War II. As I talked with him over the years about his experiences in World War II, certain themes would recur. One of these was how beautiful he remembered Ireland to be. Perhaps it was the time of year, or perhaps it is always as green as its shamrocks, for certain the memories of Ireland made his eyes glow and put a longing in his heart to return, which he was able to do while in his eighties.

All this is lead-in to the opportunity for you to win a ten day writing retreat in Ireland at The Burren Cottage in County Clare, Ireland. The trip includes lodging and airfare.

Essentially it is a writing competition designed to help raise funds for The Young Survivors Coalition and other cancer awareness non-profit organizations, as well as create content for an important book along this line. The theme this year is Upon Arrival of Illness - Coming to Terms With the Dark Companion*

The competition was conceived by Mike Savage, friend, writer and publisher. The writing contest has been created to honor his niece, Kelly Culhane, who after a three year battle with breast cancer finally left this life for another, leaving behind a husband and two young children. Mike writes, "As Kelly's uncle, knowing she did a tremendous amount of writing about her diagnosis, treatment, fears, and joys, I want to honor her memory and promote writing as therapy through this contest, and provide a memorable trip to Ireland's West, a place Kelly wanted to, but was unable, to visit."

Deadline for submissions is January 20, 2011 with the winner to be announced mid-May, 2012.

Even if you do not win there are additional prizes, including consideration for publication in a softcover anthology or possibly even a Kindle and a sailing excursion. For submission requirements, visit

*with gratitude to John O'Donohue

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