Monday, July 30, 2012

Five Minutes with Artist Lisa Eddington

"Pure drawing is an abstraction. Drawing and colour are not distinct, everything in nature is coloured." ~Paul Cezanne 

Lisa Eddington grew up in Texas but now lives in Seattle. Her profile statement at Etsy reads, "My name is Lisa. I like to draw things that make me happy. I hope they make you happy too." I like the spirit that statement conveys. It has been interesting watching her style develop these past several years.

EN: You’re quite talented and creative. When did you first become interested in making art? 
LE: I have been interested in making art for as long as I can remember. When I was a little kid, I was always making something with my hands; whether it was with play-dough, silly-putty, legos, etc. In elementary school I won an award for a painting I made of a mouse holding a wedge of cheese. That was probably the first time I realized I wanted to be an artist.

EN: Where did you get your training and what did you enjoy most about that experience? 
LE: I received a BFA in Painting and Ceramics at the University of Texas at Arlington. My favorite part of being in school was the sense of community I felt in my classes. I loved always being around other artists, getting feedback and inspiration from my professors and fellow students. It was a great creative environment.

EN: What kinds of media do you like to work with and why? 
LE: Painting and drawing are my main forms of expression, and I also like to work with ceramics. Lately I have been focusing on drawings on paper with pen. I like the details I can achieve and the amount of control I have with this media.

EN: Who are some of your favorite artists and why? 
LE: Mel Kadel is one of my favorites. I love her subdued color palette, and the way she makes mirroring patterns. Inaluxe is another favorite (collaboration of Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd.) They are very good at simple yet interesting designs. A new favorite is Jason Ratliff and his Walking Shadow Series. I like way he combines traditional illustration and design together.

EN: What are you working on now? 
LE: Currently I am working on a series of drawings inspired by kaleidoscope shapes. They are bright and bold designs with strong floral influences. They are fun to draw because I can be spontaneous in my process. Some drawings turn out completely different from what they started out to be, and that's OK.

EN: Where can people see more of your art? 
LE: I have some prints of my drawings for sale at my Etsy shop.

EN: Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview, and I love the artwork! Thanks for getting it out there!
Nancy Andresen

ENNYMAN said...

My pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Awesome art really moving. It puts me in a happy whimsical place!