Sunday, September 9, 2012

Things I Have Done and Haven't Done

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss 

Woke up with a blank slate, so I waited till this evening to write a few thoughts. No burning issues, just needed a theme. I found it as I was running out to get milk: Things I have done and haven't done.

1. I have never been to Paris, or Italy. though I once lived in a section of Cleveland, Ohio called Little Italy.
2. I played Little League, Cub Scout League, Pony League, and high school baseball. There was a time when I wanted to be a baseball player when I grew up.
3. I never went to a Browns game while growing up but went to seemingly countless Cleveland Indians games.
4. I counted the moons of Jupiter and saw the rings of Saturn thru a telescope that my grandparents built.
5. I visited Mammoth Cave in Kentucky on two occasions. It is, as the name implies, mammoth.
6. I never swam across the English Channel, but I did enjoy swimming as a youth.
7. I've been within the borders of 44 of the 48 continental United States but have never been to Hawaii or Alaska.
8. I've lived in Puerto Rico and Mexico for a year each, and have been to Canada a few times.
9. I took art classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1957 before I went to kindergarten.
10. I've never broken my leg or my skull or my back or my ribs, but I once broke my arm while sledding at Dead Man's Hill near the reservoir in Maple Heights, Ohio.
11. I've been to Vegas and have been to Los Angeles, but I have never been to Monte Carlo or Berlin.
12. I once won a Halloween Costume Contest as Kal-Tiki the immortal monster, aka, The Blob. My mom dyed two sheets fifty shades of grey and sewed them together in a giant sack-like non-form. I was inside, a rollin' and a tumblin' during the parade of costumes.
13. I came of age in New Jersey... my teen years spent there from twelve on.
14. I saw a sunrise on the Atlantic and a sunset on the Pacific, but have never seen either in Iceland.
15. I have never bench pressed a refrigerator, nor wine pressed a donkey.
16. I jumped out of an airplane three times (with a parachute) but have never been in a submarine.
17. I've never been to the moon in a literal sense, but many times in a figurative sense.
18. I once wrote an article that became the cover story of a Mexican trade magazine.
19. deleted
20. I've never been to an NHL hockey game or an NBA basketball game.
21. I've never...   Oh, never mind.

Thought for the day: “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.” ― Rita Mae Brown 

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