Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update on Dylan's Hillside Home

When we moved to Duluth in 1986, I already knew Bob Dylan was born here and lived his first six years here. What I didn't know is that the house he grew up in during that time was just a few blocks walking distance from our house further up the hill.

It's a two story duplex on Third Avenue East that is being renovated by one of Dylan's most ardent fans, Bill Pagel. I met the woman who lives downstairs at one of my art openings this past year and she said I was welcome to check the place out any time. For now, I just drive past now and then when I'm back in the neighborhood.

The house received some news coverage this week in a story by AFP journalist Robert McPherson titled Restoring Bob Dylan's house is fan's labor of love. "I am currently working on restoring it to how it looked when Bob lived there from 1941, when he was born, until 1947 when his family moved to Hibbing, Minnesota," about 75 miles (120 kilometers) away, Pagel told AFP. 

In my opinion Pagel's labor of love is precisely the kind of thing Duluth needs because Dylan fans are coming here from all over the world to see this city on a hillside. For fans, it is useful to have a photo taken as a memento, and what better spot than somewhere the musician once walked and played. Bob Dylan Way was a good start, but this is an especially meaningful project. And unlike the Vikings stadium, this one is not asking for money from taxpayers.

This isn't Pagel's only Dylan tribute. His BobLinks.com website keeps fans current not only on where Dylan is performing at all times, but also posts his playlists. What song did he open with in Hershey, Pennsylvania Sunday? I'll Be Your Baby Tonight. You'd have known that if you were following Boblinks.

For what it's worth, today is a big day in another way. Dylan's Tempest has now been released. I considered sharing some of the reviews that have been written, but you can find a whole host of them at ExpectingRain.com. Tonight I'll find my way to a store where I can purchase a CD and within the coming week or so you'll have my own review here at Ennyman's Territory.

Tempest is Dylan's 35th studio album. Jack Frost is once again the producer. You know the story. It's gonna be good.

Be well. Keep on keepin' on.

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