Sunday, January 20, 2013

Come, Lie Down Beside Me

Last summer I wrote a review about an art show that featured the waters of Lake Superior. The five artists, whose work was displayed at our local food co-op, were honoring our great lake.

As I worked on the piece the following poem emerged, a metaphor for the relationship between our city and the body of water it hugs so closely. Inasmuch as towns and waterways have always had relations throughout history, the metaphor easily speaks to something more.

Come, Lie Down Beside Me

“You need me more than I need you,” she said.
“Come, lie down beside me.”

He stood there disbelieving, arms dangling,
eyes wide, inwardly torn;
Was this a dream?

He knelt, leaned forward, then lay alongside, 
hugging her tightly as he dared,
a snug embrace, fearful lest she pull away.
Resting there, he felt nourished, secure,
gave her a kiss and promised to care for her.

And she let him remain, daily soothing his anxious heart.

Duluth, languorous city nestled comfortably along her shoulder,
gloriously refreshed, abandoned no more.

e. 2012 

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