Thursday, January 10, 2013

Friday Evening Art Openings

This will be short as I am "under the weather." Friday evening the usual triumvirate will be hosting art events worth checking out.

The PRØVE Gallery at 21 Lake Avenue in Duluth MN will be hosting its Fragility show. The show includes work from 12 artists all giving their interpretation on fragility. There will be live music from local artists (TBD) and the Crunchy Bunch will be spinning records. The gallery likes to thank their sponsor, the Lake Superior Brewing Co, for their continued support.

Two blocks down the alley at 22 N 2nd Ave E, Ochre Ghost will be hosting Half/Life, an installation by Patrick Sharrow. The opening reception runs from 7-10 p.m.

Up at the Washington Gallery you'll be able to take in Past Life – an exhibition of photography by Micheal Converse and Video Installations by Jacob Swanson. If I'm back on my feet I will be looking forward to this show from 6-9 p.m. The exhibit is comprised of photography from Converse's past and a new multimedia video installation by Swanson. The focus of Past Life is an exploration of memory and the past. Converse's photography has a very personal connection to the subject of memory, as he's presenting photos that are rediscovered from his own past. Swanson will display a new installation titled Time Travel and the Traumatic Memories of Sexual Education which is supported by an ARAC Career Development grant. The piece is an examination of memories and their connection to physical spaces and objects.

And if your quick about it and can get your art in right away, you'll be able to drop down to Superior Street and catch a poetry event.... Should be a very special night.

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Nickolas Monson said...

The TBD that will be playing at Prøve is Duluth's own Loup Garou!