Saturday, March 9, 2013

Serious Whimsy to Spectacle, 5 Art Exhibitions Opened Last Night in Duluth

Mary Hunt's "Privacy No More" was original and mentally stimulating.
Mother Nature was kind for a March evening of art openings in the Northland. You could have left your scarves and gloves home while traipsing about the downtown art scene here in Duluth last night.

Just for the Season Gallery featured paintings and prints by Doris Sampson, and it was good to see Doris again. Earlier in the afternoon she did some live painting. She continues to be productive and has produced some colorful new work using various effects. As I spoke to others later in the evening I discovered that quite a few were unaware of this gallery tucked in to the Holiday Center. If you find yourself in the vicinity be sure to stop in and see the range of local artists represented.

Sculpture by Ares
Washington Gallery featured work by two women artists new to the area, Monica Ares and Mary Hunt. Both are doing imaginative original work. It's my hope to learn more about their stories and share more of their work here. Hunt, who received her MFA at the University of Delaware, has produced an array of pieces that explore one of the challenges of living in a digital age. A "digital artist with the heart of a painter" is one way she has been described. An innovative explorer working outside the boundaries of any specific medium is how I would describe her.

Ares, too, had a fascinating exhibit. Like Hunt, she works in a variety of media. A Native American who has spent a good deal of time in the Southwest, she feels at home here in Northland. Her show is titled Beneath Perceptions. Both artists will have their work in the Washington Gallery thru the end of March.

Ochre Ghost had Andy Hardman's photography on display. This particular show featured photos from a nine month stint in New York at the Webster Music Hall. The images are striking.

LaMahieu's work made me hungry to see more
Double Dutch is the newest addition the Second Friday gallery romp, and a welcome one at that. Once again there was not only music and art, but also poetry as Bob Monohan of Chaperone Records showcased some new material and dusted off a few older favorites. Though a relatively small space on the corner of Lake Avenue and Superior Street, it's a comfortable little world with a lot to see. Last night featured art by Brian Ring and Ryan LaMahieu.

And then there was the PRØVE. Packed, as usual, with friends of the artists and the growing community of fans here. There was plenty to chew on here with an assortment of artists assembled under the rubric TEXT. Music by SNOBARN capped the evening. I can't say enough about the vibes last night. Except that by the time I got home the music scene was only beginning. Great to see everyone last night. Thanks to all who have contributed to make it happen.

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