Monday, March 11, 2013

The Steampunk Symposium: Call For Artists

My first introduction to Steampunk was two years ago at a Friends of Industry event, the world premiere of Chronicle by Eric Horn.So when A Night of Steampunk took place at the Depot Train Museum last year I was ready. You don't have to step back in time in a costume to enjoy it, but it sure was fun to do so. Like a kid who's dad flipped him up in the air and caught him again, I was grinning big and saying, "Do it again!"

Well, they're doing it again.

This coming May 16 & 17 the Duluth Art Institute will be hosting a two day event called The Steampunk Symposium and Spectacular, a two-day gathering of artists, performers, and fashion designers to celebrate Steampunk art, literature, and culture. For this reason the call has gone out for artists to share their Steampunk-inspired works for events within the Steampunk Symposium and Spectacular. There are three categories where artists can become involved: the t-shirt design contest, the art exhibit itself, and emporium/marketplace.

One reason for noting the event now is to make sure you yourself have plenty of time to begin collecting gear for your own Steampunk outfit. I mean, if you're going back in time, you might as well look the part.

The T-Shirt Design Contest has an April 13 deadline, so you still have a month to put something together. Key things to incorporate into you finished design are the words Steampunk Spectacular and the initials DAI. Design winner will receive a $100 cash prize and two free tickets to the Steampunk Spectacular. More importantly, everyone in the region will be snapping up these t-shirts and wearing your artwork as a badge of honor, letting everyone know that they were there. For submission details and a registration form visit the DAI T-Shirt Contest page. You needn't be present to win.

The Call for Artists has already gone out, but if the couriers never reached your castle I'm here to let you know that it's time to step up. The DAI is seeking Steampunk-inspired works for the gallery section of the event. There will also be performers and fashion designers celebrating Steampunk. Deadline for gallery submissions is April 19, 2013. Details here.

There is also a Call for Vendors who may be interested in selling their wares, a marketplace for Steampunk art, literature and culture. Tables will be set up and space rented out in the Great Hall for this purpose. Information on how to apply for vendor space, rules regarding setup, hours and all other details has been compiled on a DAI web page established for this purpose.

Whether you're going all out or just a curiosity seeker, the event will be just one more highlight of a bejeweled month of arts, music and culture here in the Northland. Mark your calendars.

Photos courtesy Patricia Mahnke

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