Monday, May 6, 2013

r a d i ø p l u t ø

Here's one of the more interesting invitations to an art opening that I've ever received. This Friday night, at the Prøve Gallery, Downtown Duluth. By Kathy McTavish, who has prøven herself to be an excellent addition to the collective. It's certainly inviting to me.

r a d i ø p l u t ø

vacant spaces ... lost transmissions
the old gardner building
... the tremont hotel

(across lake avenue / from the prøve)

one night

rodrigo bello, julie gard, chris hagen, michelle matthees, don mctavish, kathy mctavish, erika mock, nickolas monson, marc neys, sheila packa, kathleen roberts, rocky makes room, jacob swanson, garrett tiedemann, tony zappa

radio pluto notes
(some initial sketches, fleeting thoughts ...)

a transmission
barely beating
static ... low hum
hidden codes
a signal or pulse
a faraway station
some long ago message
a memory
blue planet
last bird
telegraphed warnings
distant memory
stuttered thoughts
a paper a bottle a shore
broadcast from pluto
lonely planet
banished planet
cold planet

vacant building
there were voices
gray birds
there were ghosts
blue windows
cold coffee
cold hands
dusty salvation
red neon
black skies

short wave
theramin sirens / dream songs
a typewriter
late night manuscripts

manifestos & broken plates
cold coffee

blue boat
red caravan
sanctified nomads
wandering knapsacks
cinematic looms

wireless telegraphy
electrostatic coupling
lightning detectors
glass tubes & iron
an experiment

save the world
turn back the clock's
relentless grinding
moloch's pale teeth
iron gears &

first lighthouse
fire & mirror
first transmission
isle of wright
radio transistor

charcoal light wire wood steel celluloid
digits pigment graphite vellum canvas rope threads filaments
cloth reeds lines language

to pierce to etch to fold to weave to imprint
to scrawl to stain to speak


a loose band of thieves
crows with broken suitcases
pickpocket orchestration

flea market galleries
dimly lit
a can of paint
an alley
a wall
night drawing

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