Saturday, December 21, 2013

Emptiness and Fullness

Three poems by Charlene Groves.

I was sorting through folders this morning and came across this poem I had set aside to share sometime. I found the imagery gripping. From the first line, it proceeds through a series of images, each outdoing the previous in attempting to convey this psychological condition that is a hallmark of our lives at times: emptiness. We've probably all experienced it, the futility of everything, the sense of isolation.

The author of these poems was born blind. An avid reader and writer she became skilled at capturing in words those ephemeral emotions and making this distinct, giving definition to the undefined.

The latter two poems come from a different space in time. They read like Psalms, simple and effective. Thank you, Charlene, for sharing your soul with us in these words.


Emptiness is rain beating a tin can.
It's having words leap forth with quick and ready flame,
While the important things go unsaid.
It's standing on a street corner somewhere,
Waiting for someone who never comes.
Emptiness is not found in being alone.
It's being lonely.
It's your thoughts growing old with rejection.
It's people not understanding when you need them most.
It's hate and indifference.
It's always being just a little short of your goal.
But mostly it's people passing each other,
Not even trying any more to be together.

Last night when I was afraid

Last night when I was afraid,
You were there, holding my hand.
I examined a thought,
trying to piece it into my life.
But it didn't fit, and nothing could make it,
because it wasn't me.
I reached out to You, frantic, trembling.
And You touched me, Your warmth staying
until the fear spent itself,
and I sank into peace.

To Whom It May Concern

I cried to whosoever would hear, and the Lord heard me.
I cried I am hungry, and the Lord fed me.
I cried I am weak, and the Lord strengthened me.
I cried I am thirsty, and the Lord gave me water.
I cried I am tired, and the Lord gave me rest.
I cried I am empty, and the Lord filled me.
I cried I am lost, and He found me.
I cried I am lonely, and he gave me His presence.
I cried I am torn, and He held me.
I cried I am in torment, and He gave me peace.
I cried Lord I have done wrong, and He forgave me.
I cried Lord I am dying, and He gave me life.

C.F. Groves

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