Friday, December 6, 2013

Local Art Scene: Places You Can Get Warm This Weekend

Katherine Kuh: Is there any social content in your work? 
Edward Hopper: None whatsoever.

At North end Arts Gallery tomorrow.
It’s fascinating how one’s approach to art changes over time. At least this has been my experience. I looked at hundreds of “art books” when I was in college, but do not recall ever reading the words. I looked at the images, the photos of other peoples’ art, and asked myself, “How did he do that? What is he trying to do? What was he thinking?” Little did I consider that many, if not most, artists have expressed what they were thinking either in books or in interviews. Funny how we experience writers through their written words, but (again I speak her of my own stupidity) we neglect to ask artists what the meanings might be behind their work.

Katharine Kuh, former curator at the Art Institute of Chicago produced a gold mine of interviews with many of our past century’s great figures, from Joseph Albers and Marcel Duchamp to Georgia O’Keefe and Edward Hopper, in a book titled The Artist’s Voice. If you don’t want to own books but still want to glean, our local public libraries have shelves stocked with great art books, both by and about the artists whose names have influenced generations of students as well as the culture we grew up in. It’s a great way to relax at the end of a busy day… music, a good book and your favorite libation.

What follows are a few art-related events that you can enjoy here in the Twin Ports... yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Last Night
Scott Murphy, Swimmingly
Another rich opening at the Depot, downtown Duluth. There was actually a special event on nearly every floor from the Train Museum to the Balcony Galleries, and a Veteran's memorial dinner in the Great Hall in between. The Duluth Art Institute opening features new work by Scott Murphy, Matt Kania and Kip Praslowicz.

Praslowicz's Portraits are deceptively complicated, coming across initially as simple moment captured with a large format camera and beautifully rendered. Once you take time to engage the entirety of each image you'll realize there more to see than initially met the eye, but the camera captured it all. If you stop in over your lunch hour sometime you can take your time with each one.

Matt Kania is a plein aire painter and it was no surprise to see other open air painters present. For people who enjoy painters' expressions (like I do) both Kania's and Murphy's shows are a must. You'll find Kania's paintings lining the halls in the DAI offices, which is designated "the Corridor Gallery." Take the elevator to the fourth floor and you can't miss it.

I can't get enough of Pat Lenz's work.
From 3pm-10pm & tomorrow from 11am-4pm: Lake Superior Community College Art Club invites the public to join them in creating bowls for the "Empty Bowl" fundrasier April 15, 2014 in Duluth. Clay and tools will be provided. LSC Art Building. For more information, contact Tonya Borgeson at 218-310-8903. (If you've never been, you can find the school on Trinity Road where Arlington greets it at the light.

The annual Washington Studios open house is tomorrow. In addition to a special gallery show with multiple artists, and artists lining the halls, many individual artists are opening their apartments and sharing their world. The event is suitably called Tundra.  (315 North Lake Ave, Duluth)

The North End Arts Gallery is kicking off its Annual Artists Market with an Open House Party from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Numerous area artists and photographers will have work displayed, including a half dozen of my own pieces and, most notably, some work by Patricia Lenz. The gallery is located in the historical building at the corner of Broadway and hammond in Superior, second floor.

Now that is a leaf! (North End Arts Gallery)

Next Week

Due to the storm, last Tuesday's Tweevenings at the Tweed was re-scheduled for this coming Tueday. I for one am quite grateful for this as I had been double-booked. Let's root for good weather.

Next Friday is Second Friday and the Downtown hop will be waiting for you if you mark it on your calendar.

Saturday the 14th, the Unitarian Church at 835 W. College Street is hosting the Neighbor-Made Gift Fair. This is the same fair that has been held the past three years at St. Michael's Church in Lakeside. Local-made arts and crafts by many who are not in the Get It Local fair. At both fairs there will be a collection of peanut butter (for Second Harvest Food Bank) and gently used or new children's book (Big Red Book Shelf/United Way).

Meantime, art goes on all around you. Experience it.


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