Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Local Art Scene: Black Umbrellas Books and Other Happenings

Who doesn't like a party?
Last night I had a chance to stop for an hour at Jeffrey Woolverton's Black Umbrella Books re-launch party. It was good to see Jeffrey/s enthusiasm for sharing his books and his publishing venture, and especially nice seeing the turnout despite bitter cold temps. The event took place at The Underground, that Depot space which formerly housed the Duluth Children's Museum.

Woolverton, who has published under the pen name Jeffrey Woolf since 2007, gifted all attendees with his first volume of poems Givin' in to the... Blue Feelin', which has a cover designed like a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The reason I was happy about this was that I already owned a copy of the book and left it in a hotel room out of town on a business trip.

A unique feature of the launch party, which included a cash bar, donated pizzas from Pizza Luce and a live band, was the projection of Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps on the brick wall behind the drummer. Woolverton is a fan of film noir and The 39 Steps epitomizes the form.

Anne Labovitz Art Talk
Tomorrow from 10-30-11:30, Burnet Art Gallery at Chambers, the Luxury Art Hotel is hosting a Facebook Q&A with Minnesota artist Anne Labovitz. Labovitz's exhibit titled Layers is currently on display there thru March 2.  If I understand correctly, the way to participate tomorrow will be to log on to the Burnet Gallery Facebook Page and post questions or comments to which Anne will reply.

I once conducted some virtual writing "talks" on AOL back in the early 90's before the existence of the World Wide Web. It was fun. I began one by typing, "I hope my tie isn't too loud" which brought a response. At the end, everyone in the room typed clap clap clap.

Please plan to log on and participate if you have questions for Anne Labovitz. If you are reading this from California or New York, the Q&A will be conducted at Central Standard Time.

Call for Artists to Paint Storm Drains
Under the blue lights, Jeffrey Woolf
The city of Superior has put out the call for artists to paint storm drains. To be honest, it isn't exactly clear to me what they have in mind other than to make people more aware of the need to keep our city beautiful, as well as our waterways.

The City of Duluth installed a pair of Bob Dylan-themed manhole covers on Dylan's 70th birthday in 2011. Superior's Down the Drain art project will serve the public in a different manner. Organized by the Superior Environmental Services Division, the artists will paint on sidewalks directly associated with the city's storm drains.

According to an article in the Superior Telegram, "Eye-catching designs could draw attention to storm drains and raise awareness about storm water pollution. Anyone over age 18 who lives, works or goes to school in Superior can submit a design." The newspaper story stated that interested artists will find the entry forms at I myself did not find it, but if you don't either, you can use the contact us button.

As the evening was getting underway. ..
Dr. Seuss Poetry Contest
Dr. Seuss would have been 110 years old this coming Sunday. Send me a poem in the style of Dr. Seuss and I may just print it here. Should we turn this into a contest? What if I were able to get you some Dr. Seuss art as a prize? I make No Guarantees that a poem will be posted or a prize will be given, but give me your best shot anyways. Send to ennyman AT

Meantime, life goes on all around you. Dig it.

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