Saturday, June 7, 2014

Local Arts Seen: Such A Lovely Friday Night in the Twin Ports

On this date in 1848 French Post-Impressionist Paul Gaugin was born.

Erik Pearson at the Red Mug
The forecast of scattered showers never materialized and Friday evening proved to be an exceptional one for those out on the town last night in the Twin Ports. Here are some images from things I came across as I circulated.

The Red Mug is featuring paintings by Erik Pearson this month. When I arrived shortly after work there was a fabulous spread courtesy Suzanne Johnson and company, but hardly anyone there to scarf up these scrumptious delights. For a brief moment it seemed the gorgeous weather was seducing people remain outdoors, but slowly at first -- and then more completely -- a crowd gathered.

Pearson is a Minneapolis muralist and painter who currently seems to be in high demand. He's extremely busy right now, he said, with lots of deadlines and some very high profile work taking place in the Twin Cities. His contributions to The Red Mug have been memorably noted. His paintings fall in line with the distinctively stylized look that he's previously lathered on our walls.

You can see Pearson's paintings for the duration of June. Be sure to read the titles on his pictures, witty and amusing they be.

From there I headed up to the newly opened Red Herring Lounge which has become an instant hot spot. It's apparent that the Red Herring didn't just roll out of the gate but thundered out this week. Kudos to those who had the vision, rolled up their sleeves and made it happen. It waits to be seen whether the momentum can be sustained but at this point it's looking to be a lively and welcome addition to the District which has been forming these past several years.

Monoham hamming, as is his custom.
Bob Monohan's connections to Chaperone Records and the local music scene, plus a blended architectural motif adapted to the surroundings, and the lushness of Marian Lansky's vibrant Kenspeckle Press illustrations all conspire to create an atmosphere that is scoring high marks on the ECF* Index. I'm sure there's a financial backstory that made this all possible, but the net net is a very chic establishment that has created a lot of instant buzz.

Last night it was Charlie Parr on tap for the 7:00 crowd, and crowded it was, growing continuously more dense as the evening rolled on.

Down in Canal Park things were balmy and lovely beneath the summer-like skies. The outdoor tables at Little Angie's were all filled with friends and lovers starting their weekend beneath the canopy of open air. Parking lots were full and I was reminded of why I'm less enticed by that part of town this time of year. Nevertheless, Lonnie Knight was performing at Amazing Grace. Amazing Grace has also become another slot for local artists to unveil their wares and the current show features aprons, many made from gunny sacks and other fabrics. Lonnie's gentle fingerwork enables his guitar to sing along with his own melodic vocals. Makes one feel they're sailing on a gentle sea.

Here are some additional photos from the evening. Hope your night proved equally entertaining.

"Something Caught the Masked Man's Attention"
Marian Lansky's dancing bear at Red Herring.
Charlie Parr with sidekick Lane on washboard

Meantime, life goes on all around you. Embrace it.

*Ennyman Cool Factor 

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