Sunday, June 29, 2014

Takin' It to the Streets: Chor Boogie Colors Our World

I first noticed Chor Boogie's art four years ago when I was in San Francisco. I didn't know who the artist was at the time. It was simply a striking display of street art on a wall in the Tenderloin District. Last year I found out that it wasn't just any street artist. The artist had a name: Chor Boogie. He also had built something of a following and was doing work all over the world. In September I shared some of his amazing creations here at Ennyman's Territory.

A few weeks ago I learned that Chor had been sidetracked by heroin at one point in his career. This caught my attention because I'm concerned about the widespread problems we're seeing here in the U.S. at this time, in both large cities and small ones like Duluth, due to a spreading wave of heroin use. According to this BBC story a half million Americans are addicted to heroin.

Chor agreed to answer a few questions on this topic as well as provide more information about himself and his real passion, which is bathed in color.

EN: How long have you been making a living as an artist?
Chor Boogie: I have been living my LOVE since I was born... but technically speaking I have been making a living off my work for about 10 to 15 years.

EN: What was your path from young creative person to international commissions?
CB: To have fun with what I love to do, that was my path… just love what I do and everything else fell into place with a little of Making-things-happen.

EN: How did drugs side-track you from your work?
CB: They just side track you period… and consume your heart mind body and soul.

EN: When did you first realize that drugs were getting in the way of what you really wanted to do?
CB: When I was on them... I felt I was disrespecting my talent that I was blessed with so I just would not create or paint.

EN: How did you kick your heroin habit?
CB: LOVE saved my life... my participation with the medicine Iboga and retraining my heart, mind, body and soul on a daily basis.

EN: Who handles the business end of your creative life? Are you flying solo or do you have an agent or manager?
CB: Me and my team. The players on my team help handle and work with me… my family, which consists of friends... loved ones that love me and my work and I love them and their work... my wife, agent, PR team, graphic designers, web designers, photographer/video, production, apparel, and toys, collectors and investors. Iboga consists of my team.. love them so much.

EN: Where can we see more of your work?
CB: for more up to date... Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.. all @chorboogie... stay tuned.

EN: We will.

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