Thursday, July 31, 2014

Media Contacts for Local Artists.... and a Few Happenings Here This Weekend

Brent K will be at Washington Gallery tomorrow eve
Before talking about this weekend's art happenings, I thought I'd briefly comment on how the media works, specifically if you are an artist seeking to get coverage for your event (or events).

I'm often disappointed to find interesting visual arts events not being mentioned in the Trib or getting media coverage elsewhere. In today's Arts & Entertainment page, the new name for The Wave, all the stories are about music, theater, film. I did not see tomorrow's closing reception for Brent Kusterman's art exhibition at Washington Gallery mentioned. There is also a North Shore Photo Club Exhibit at the Duluth Photography Institute this coming Saturday which I did not see or missed in the DNT.

There are probably several reasons announcements about some of these events don't make the newspaper. First, because no announcement was sent to the newspaper. Newspapers are like any other business these days with a lean staff trying to be as efficient as possible. If you want to get listed on the AE page, send all the details of your event and include a photo. You're a visual artist, so make it visual. The Trib is in the business of selling newspapers, so the more interesting the photo, the better chance of it being in there. Who knows, if it's really cool it might even made the front page. (One of my paintings of Dylan made the front page during Dylan Days a few years back.)

It was fun to see this in the newspaper. Sold a print, too.
It may be that you sent in a story but you didn't do it in a timely fashion. Undoubtedly you were planning your event for weeks in advance, if not longer, so you just need to add your media announcements to your "to do" list when planning. The Reader is always putting a few things on its list of art galleries page (usually around page 70) so you will want to include them as well.

In fact, here's a whole batch of media contacts for getting the word out. Be careful not to abuse the privilege of having access to the media. It's a relatively easy matter for recipients to ut you on their blacklist and block all future inbounds from your email address.

Nevertheless, here are a few email addresses to be aware of if you are an author, sculptor, painter or gallery here.


Christa Lawler is primary arts and entertainment columnist for the Trib:


The Playlist:

Hermantown Star:



The Budgeteer:
or editor Naomi Yaeger who always likes to be in the loop:

Don't forget The Transistor:

Or The Reader:,

A couple more for the Trib:,,

If you're wanting to reach the Twin Cities with a story, try Mary Ann Grossmann at the Pioneer Press:

And finally, there's Ennyman, the local arts blogger who always likes to know what's going on.

In other news... The Fractals are starting a regular First Friday at the Clyde show, beginning tomorrow evening. Evidently they're committing to make this a monthly event for some time to come, which means it should be easy for their fans to find them.

Meantime, life goes on all around you. Enjoy it.

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