Saturday, August 16, 2014

Local (and Not So Local) Art Seen: Art in Bayfront Park

If you get a chance, this weekend's Art in Bayfront Park will be a great place to visit on Sunday if you haven't already. Normally I would wait till "Wordless Wednesday" to show all pictures with limited text, but by mid-week the art fair will be over and you will have missed it. SO... take a little time Sunday afternoon to stroll around Bayfront Park. It is slated to be a beautiful day and the variety of art you'll see will be uplifting, the caliber of the work is in many cases completely spectacular, and if you know of a birthday or anniversary coming up, it will be a great place to pick up a few very special gifts.

Most of the artists are from the upper midwest, but some have come from places as far away as Nashville and the Florida Keys.  Here's some of what you can expect to see.

This is one place where art is literally going on all around you.
Engage it!

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