Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.... Minnesota Arts Scene

Last night's Tweevenings was invigorating. I had been asked to speak about an artist whose works were represented in the Tweed Museum collection and I chose Picasso's etchings created to illustrate Honore de Balzac's The Unknown Masterpiece. The etchings were commissioned by Ambroise Vollard for the Centiennial edition of Balzac's story of three artists. The illustration here is my original "working outline" as I loosely captured my thoughts and created the stories for my presentation. You may see better if you click to enlarge.

Thank you to everyone who came out to hear. The next Tweevenings will be October 7 featuring ceramics and Broc Allen.

I was introduced last night by Bill Shipley, head docent of the Tweed, who will have some work at Gallery 13 in Minneapolis this weekend. The opening for "Remains of a Beautiful Nowhere" will be from 7 - 10 p.m.

Tonight in Maple Grove there will be another Salute to the Music of Bob Dylan, a free concert by an impressive set of musicians. The event will run from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.  Can't make it? There will be a sequel in St. Louis Park on Saturday the ninth.

Central High by Marunowski
Thursday there will be an opening for Kenneth Marunowski's show at the Red Mug. Ken is a plein air painter who has really come on strong in recent years. I've been seeing his work in a whole variety of spaces and if you get the chance you should go out of your way to see what's on display at Red Mug this month, even if you can't make the opening.

Be sure to go upstairs to the North End Gallery to see the watercolor show there if you can arrange your schedule to be there when it's open during the day.

The 8th is Second Friday and the PROVE Gallery in Duluth is pumped to present a show that I have been looking forward to titled With Sirens Blaring. Prøve Collective member Kathleen Roberts has teamed up with a group of artists to bring her written pieces to life in a variety of formats. When Roberts first joined the Prove team I had a good instinct about it, as she brought literary features to the collective. Her PROOF Magazine was the first proof, and shows like With Sirens Blaring only add to the record. It looks like a great lineup of artists and musicians. Details here.

One more event to squeeze in here: Art in Bayfront Park will be coming soon. If you missed the Park Point Art Fair like I did for the first time in many years, this is a variation on the same theme, pulling together artists from all around for a weekend in the park. The setting can't be beat, especially when the weather's nice. The dates are August 16 and 17.

There's always more to see than there's time, but if you have an hour here or there, go explore.

Meantime, make the most of your day.

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