Thursday, October 23, 2014

Today, Tomorrow and Saturday in the Twin Ports Art Scene

Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body. ~Wassily Kandinsky

There are a number of local artists who could spread their wings and fly off to larger markets and make a name for themselves. One of these is Sarah Brokke, and artist/painter who teaches at St. Scholastica. Her new show is titled (r)evolve and it is opening during the noon hour today at the Kruk Gallery on the campus of UWS. If you're not already booked, then stop by. I am confident it will be impressive.

Today is Day 4 of the Zeitgeist Arts' 5-Year Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser. The Zeitgeist has become a centerpiece of the local arts community. It's facility has become like a home for many in the arts. The theaters set new standards and its offerings have been like nothing you can find elsewhere.

Pineapple Arts on 1st Street has sent out an invitation to poets and friends of the spoken word to an Open Mic of Poetry & Thought. It's a younger crowd, but there are veterans here, too. Poetry is alive and well in the Northland.

Jeredt Runions calclates best height for a piece.
Last night a number of the artists gathered to hang the Goin' Postal 2014 Fall Art Show which will open tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. There was a good vibe present as the various pieces claimed wall space around the room. 17 artists have contributed to this show, including a number of new ones. Some of my new work will be there as well.

"Utvalgte" is a 16 artist show hosted by the Gulden Kunstverk Gallery in Steinberg, Norway. If you wonder why I mention this, it's because Walter Welo has Northern MN roots, and I like a lot of what I see going on there. There are also a lot of Scandinavians here in the Northland who occasionally make the trek "back home." If you are in the neighborhood, check it out.

* * * *

There's plenty else going on in the Twin Ports this weekend. Pick up a Transistor for the pulse of the music scene. The Reader is always helpful, too. The theater scene is vibrant, and the weather outdoors continues to be inviting/enticing. You have few excuses if you're bored.

My children's picture book A Remarkable Tale from the Land of Podd has been approved by the publisher as a go. I need to review the final-final proof and it will become available for public consumption. Can hardly wait to share it.

Meantime, art goes on all around you. Rather than just look this year, maybe it's a good time to open your wallet. Yes, you can take it with you. 

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