Sunday, December 14, 2014

Local Art Scene: A Few Images from Yesterday's Action

Interesting configuration of the numbers yesterday. Saturday the 13th, which turned out to be 12-13-14. I don't think anything like that can occur for nearly a hundred years, can it? (On August 9, 2110 it will be 8-9-10. I don't think January 2, 2103 counts, unless you accept the abbreviated 03 and called it 1-2-3, but I am going to rule that out.)

There was a lot happening yesterday. In addition to numerous collections of artists in various locations (Lakeside, Superior, London Road) Chris Monroe had a book signing at the Bookstore at Fitgers, and I had two book signings accompanied by Ian Welshons, the young illustrator from Stillwater who brought my story to life.

Festive booths constructed by Steve McDonald.
Ian and I began at the Red Mug Coffehouse in the Board of Trade Building in Superior. But before carrying things in I ran across the street to the ChristkindlMarket, the art-centric "peoples' square" kitty-corner from the Historic Board of Trade (and former police station here). Each Saturday they gather to sell their wares, with a bonfire to keep customers warmed and fresh.

The space has a scenic Christmas card feel, with bright colors and all the trimmings you might find on an old-fashioned Christmas carnival. There were familiar faces in several of the booths, including Heike and Steve McDonald of Heike's Creations.

Brian and Rebecca Minor had a tent there as well, with the North Shore-Opoly game displayed, along with other cool gift ideas.

From here it was over to the Red Mug to set up our event. Thank you to Suzanne Johnson for the invitation, and so I could read A Remarkable Tale from the Land of Podd to the friends and patrons gathered there.

In addition to the book itself, Ian had made several enlargements of illustrations from the books, which we displayed as well. It was fun listening to Ian share stories about the process he used to produce each illustration. I had no idea that at least one of the pictures was re-worked 9 times in order to get a satisfying outcome. Ian did a masterful job throughout, and we're both thrilled with the final product.

From there we slipped across the bridge to the Armory Annex to be part of the Holiday Celebration there which included music, art and more. The Forging Community blacksmiths make their home here as does (at this time) Pierce & Piszczek Fine Pianos. It is also the office space/HQ for the Armory Arts and Music Center, which continues to labor on behalf of the future restoration of the Historic Armory.

All in all, a good day.... and home in time for a yummy late supper.  

Tonya Borgeson shows how to work the wheel.
Aurora Baer sang from the heart.

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