Thursday, December 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Joy of Naming

From the beginning man has named things. He was given authority to name the animals and has been naming things ever since. This week a scientist named a new element. Through the centuries men have named stars, planets, plants, diseases, instruments, objects. Artists, too, carry this godlike expression even further – creating poems, pictures, stories, art… so they can enjoy this special privilege: naming.
Journal note, March 19, 1994

Naming is one of those things that can really be fun. Coming up with names for our various pets has created meaningful and memorable experiences in our home. Whether the dogs (currently Hobo and Gypsy) or the goats or goose, duck, cat, birds, rat... whatever... Something would be missing if they didn't have names.

I enjoy making art, but I also enjoy the process of naming the pieces half again as much as creating them sometimes. I like writing poems, but also like making a name for each. And for stories as well.

In sifting through an old journal I came across these names or titles for potential stories.
Attention Span
Token Memories
The Hall of Light

I once developed an idea for a Hollywood movie called Pause Button based on the notion "wouldn't it be great if life had a pause button so we could stop time and get everything done that we never have time for?"

Speaking of naming things, think about the significance associated with your own name. How might you be different had you had a different name? Think of all the people who change the name they have been called by when they grow up. And if you are a parent, think of the special care and attention that you gave to naming your own children. Naming is a powerful thing.

On this topic much more can be said, but for now... it's time to move on.

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