Sunday, February 15, 2015

Local Art Seen: Ryan Tischer at Washington Gallery, Scott Murphy at The Red Herring

Detail from Tischer's "Tree of Zen"
Second Friday art crawl here in the Twin Ports is alive and well. Wish I could have gone to all the art-themed events the other night and especially would like to have seen the progress Esther Piszczek is making on her Zentangled Piano. Maybe soon.

Ryan Tischer's photography filled both galleries at the former Washington School. The show will be open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons for the duration of the month. The exhibit is titled Beyond Light, featuring new work shot in two of the most beautiful regions in the country, Duluth and Oregon. “I titled this exhibit Beyond Light because through my years of photographing I’ve discovered that there’s more than just light to a photograph,” said Tischer. “A truly magical image requires a unique balance of composition, mood and light, which is hard to put into words, but you know it when you see it.”

It doesn't even look real, but it is. Reminds me of an Aaron Kloss painting.
There are a number of nature photographers in this region who have fallen in love with the spectacle that is Lake Superior. Tischer notes that he's not alone in his love of the wintertime play of light on the lake's breathtaking ice formations. On more than one occasion he's seen photographer John Heino out trying to capture magic in the dawn's early light. It's apparent that both photographers make personal sacrifices to be where the drama is on the great lake's shores.

This was Tischer's sixth exhibition at the Washington Gallery.

Simultaneously, The Red Herring hosted an opening reception for painter Scott Murphy's work, some of it new and all of it entertaining. I realize that a lot of times people go to places like Beaners, the Break Room and The Red Herring for the music or libations, but you will doubly rewarded if in addition to interacting with friends you also interact with some of the artwork that hangs on the walls of so many places in town. Zeitgeist Cafe, Jitters, Pizza Luce, the Red Mug and others go out of their way to showcase the work of local artists. You might do well to note this next time you're in any of these spaces.

I asked Scott to give a little background for some of the work which is currently there on display.

The painting with the child piano player is called "The Request" and is about the thrill of discovery and how some kids really take to music.

The painting "The Flood" with the fish and the anvil refers to a trade or industry going obsolete. Many of the best kid photos I get to use come from parents taking candid photos of their children.

The "Pin Money" painting is the second work in a series I am still going to expand upon. The foggy, out of focus people seem to relate to fading memories and the passage of time.

"Uninsured Child" was made as a call or cry for universal health care.

Afterwards Scott said, "That was a very fun opening; music and drinks, who would have guessed."

For more info about Scott Murphy visit our December 2013 interview.

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