Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Super Bowl Starts at 6:30 and Other Important Stats About Today's Game

It's Super Bowl Sunday, and some people are more concerned about other facts besides who is playing or expected to win. One of the top stats of importance is "What time does the Super Bowl Start?" This evidently matters very much, in the event you are not interested in the 22 hours of pre-game shows.

Here are some other things I have learned about today's big game.

In the 48 previous Super Bowl coin tosses, there have been 24 heads and 24 tails. Are you surprised?

If you wanted a ticket for the "cheap seats" in today's game, the price tag would have been $4,310. You can expect to pay over $14K for the best seats.

Both the Seahawks and Patriots were 14-4 this year.

There will be more than 53 million pounds of avocados consumed today. I will be eating one tonight. How about you? Most, I am guessing, will be used for guacamole.

Pizza Hut will make two million pizzas today. Anyone know how many pizzas Dominos will be making? The estimated total will be 12.5 million pizzas of all brands today. Yummm.

There are 77 restrooms in the University of Phoenix Stadium where today's game will be played.

Al Michaels is still doing the Big Show.

Bart Starr was MVP in the first two Super Bowls.

The Seahawks defeated the Broncos in a 43-8 blowout last year.

184 million Americans will watch today's game. An estimated 325 million gallons of beer will be consumed.

There will be near 400 million Tweets during halftime today. My Twitter address is @ennyman3

DWIs will be up by 15% tonight after the game. (Heads up... Designated drivers can save you a major headache and a few bucks to boot.)

Here are 49 additional stats for today's game, assuming anyone really cares.

OK, it's time for the coin toss.

Enjoy the game... and the commercials. 

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