Monday, December 28, 2015

Oops. Poor Miss Colombia

A week ago Sunday while on Twitter I noticed that the Miss Universe contest was trending. It's been so long since I watched a "beauty contest" on TV (45 years?) that I forgot they still had them. So I decided to "check in" on Twitter as it went along and went down to watch the end where they ask a final question and make their selection.

I found it interesting how people from all over the world were tweeting their support for their country's representatives. It was a form of patriotism I'd been unaw
are of before. As the field narrowed I was struck by how massive the support for Miss Philippines was. At each stage of the event the Philippines fans were acting as if their starlet were a shoo-in. She was a sure thing, so radiant and confident, and all the rest. So for the last ten minutes of the show I took my laptop downstairs to watch the crowning moment.

First off, I felt bad for Miss Colombia on the "final question" because it had to be translated into her native tongue, and then when she replied it also had to be translated back to English. Her answer was so weak it seemed apparent that either Miss USA or Miss Philippines would take the crown. But it also felt unfair, for it made me wonder if the whole translation business diluted her capabilities somehow.

Then came the moment. It's showtime... the lights were bright, and Master of Ceremonies Steve Hurvey read the verdicts. Second runner-up. Miss USA. And then.... Well you can watch it here.

The funny part is that I had flicked off the television as soon as Miss Colombia was crowned. I felt really bad for the fans in the Philippines who seemed so confident only moments before. It wasn't till four days later that I saw on Facebook what had happened. Must have been embarrassing for Mr. Hurvey. I can't even imagine how Miss Colombia felt, the shortest Miss Universe reign on record.

Congratulations, Pia.

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