Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Dylan Days A-Comin'

So, if you're coming from out of the country to Dylan Fest, these photos are of the new mural in Minneapolis honoring Dylan. You might wish to schedule an extra day to make the trek while you're here. Young Robert Zimmerman was born in Duluth, grew up in Hibbing and attended the U of MN after leaving home, living for a spell in Dinkytown before setting his sights on the Big Apple. Here's a historical piece from the Smithsonian that a friend sent me yesterday. The photos here are courtesy of another friend. Being a known Dylan fan is like being part of a fraternity.

This year's Duluth Dylan Fest has numerous new events, including rarely seen Dylan memorabilia that alone is worth the trip here to celebrate Bob Dylan's 75th birthday with extra panache. If you're able to come early the City of Duluth will be honoring his birthday by laying a marker in front of his original birth home in the Central Hillside, Tuesday May 24. Follow on Facebook to stay current with Duluth Dylan Fest event news

EdNote: If you're staying for the week, Sir Ben's is going to be the
"official hangout station" when scheduled events are on downtime.
Join us and celebrate the week.

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Marc Percansky said...

Hi Ed, great Wordless Wednesday! I created a webpage here in Minneapolis while the mural was being created from start to finish. I was a consultant on the project. The whole thing was done in 12 days by the brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. It was finished on the 8th of September, 2015. Here is his website
You can find my link by clicking on my name. It is 2 pages with everything one would like to know about it. It is simply amazing to see in person and look up at it!