Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Quick Peek at What's New with AmyLee

My first interview with the young French painter AmyLee took place in 2008 as she was just beginning her career. I encountered her colorful paintings by means of social media and shared what she was doing here. This past week I reached out to see where her colorful images had propelled her and find she has continued to produce plenty of work in her distinctive style. Here's a snapshot of what's new with AmyLee, eight years down the road.

EN: What attracted you to working in acrylics?

AmyLee: I work quite fast and my technique has to work out as fast as me as well. Acrylic is perfect in that case!

EN: When did you begin making a living as a painter?

AmyLee: I’m a professional visual artist since 2008. You can visit my website

EN: How do you decide what you will paint next? Where do your ideas come from?

AmyLee: Ideas come from everywhere: at my studio, in the street, in a book, in a magazine, on TV, on computer…

EN: What is the Paris art scene like in 2016? 

AmyLee: I live near London now. I have more opportunities with UK galleries. You can find the official list of my Galleries at

EN: What new things have you learned in the past few years?

AmyLee: To build its own art business is a hard path and passion is the best cheerleader ever!

EN: Have you ever shown your work in the U.S.?

AmyLee: Yes, four years ago in group art show with Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC 29401

EN: Any advice for young artists trying to get an art career started?

AmyLee: Don’t be afraid of working and working again, and still working hard on your inspiration and creation but also on the web communication which is a tool very important nowadays.

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Amylee shared this video teaser about her new website:

And a little something more to close....

Meantime, art goes on all around you. Get into it.

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Amylee said...

Hi Ed, Thanks a lot for this nice post, it's so kind of you. You rock!