Friday, September 16, 2016

Join Us As We Celebrate 25 Years of KUMD's Highway 61 Revisited and John Bushey's Dylan-Themed Radio Hour

That's a long title for this short blog post, but I'm gonna run with it. I considered simply saying Mark Your Calendars.

In four weeks The Rex Bar @ Fitgers will play host to a very special celebration: 25 years of the KUMD program hosted by John Bushey called Highway 61 Revisited. Here in the Northland Highway 61 literally runs through our back yards. The show showcases the music and influence of the Northland's native son, Bob Dylan.

The event will feature live music by Cowboy Angel Blue and The Boomchucks (a.k.a. The Freewheelers) plus (rumor has it) an assortment of special guests. I'm expecting surprises.

Magic Marc Percansky will be on hand as Master of Ceremonies, so you can count on this being a very special evening.

Noteworthy: There will be some unusual items donated for a silent auction that will include, so I've been told, a few items from the Bill Pagel collection. Money raised will be used to defray costs for the event and as set aside as seed money for the 2017 Duluth Dylan Fest.

Last night I was up at the KUMD Studios where John was interviewing guests for an upcoming special show promoting this event. He was gathering stories about how the show, and Dylan's music, has touched people over the years. At the end of each interview he asked people to select a song for him to play.

What Dylan song would you ask John to play if you were there in the studio? How would you narrow it down? Would you choose the first song that really spoke to you, or the one that is going through your mind more recently? Would you narrow it down by a favorite from each decade? One could pick a favorite from each album and do brackets, like March Madness? One could perhaps pick the songs you have played most through the years... or the ones others claim are the most important.

My short list would include, but not be limited to: Hard Rain, It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), Love Minus Zero/No Limit, Desolation Row and All Along the Watchtower from the 60s, and from the 70s...  You see what a dilemma it quickly becomes.

To purchase tickets, visit Eventbrite. Special thanks to KUMD, the Duluth Dylan Fest Committee, the Rex Bar and everyone else who is helping to make this event happen.

Meantime, life goes on all around you. Get into it. 

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