Thursday, March 23, 2017

Altering the Nashville Skyline and Several Local Twin Ports Events of Note

When I interviewed San Francisco artist Sherry Karver last fall, I began by saying, "Add Sherry Karver to your list of artists to watch." Plunging into spring I've been notified that she's acquired a solo exhibition at the Cumberland Gallery in Nashville. The exhibition, which will be on display through April 22,  received generous attention in Nashville Arts magazine in a story by Karen Parr-Moody.

In addition to having her work featured in a gallery, First Bank of Nashville honored her with a billboard as "Artist of the Week." Now that's pretty cool. Maybe one of our billboard's leading into Duluth can find a sponsor who will give shout outs each month to some of our many talented local artists.

* * * *

There are a number of art-related happenings these next several days. Here are some quick reminders.

Tonight in the Morrison Gallery at the Duluth Art Institute, 4th Floor of the Depot on Michigan Street, Elizabeth Kuth will be giving an artist talk about her current exhibit titled Rooted Expression.

Tomorrow evening the American Indian Community Housing Organization is celebrating its fifth anniversary. There have been so many fabulous events there and I've me so many talented an amazing artists there over this period of time. There will be a feast and there will be friends and a ceremony to rename Trepanier Hall and honor Robert Powless. 5:30 p.m. to 7:30.

Saturday afternoon Studio 3 West is hosting a closing celebration of WTF!, a powerful and thought-provoking show featuring local women artists advocating for social justice, community action, and civic engagement centered on Women’s Rights and related concerns. 2:00-4:00 p.m. Details here.

FWIW the SCFTA is working on an arts calendar so that artists can all tune in to one place and get the arts news they need to plan their outings. It's a major challenge with so much happening.

Meantime, art goes on all around us. Let's celebrate it.

* * * *
P.S. That Idea of having a billboard giving shout outs to local artists seems like a seriously good idea. Is this something to take up with the Duluth Public Arts Commission? Or Visit Duluth? We have more than enough artists to feature for the next ten years. If I won the lottery I would sponsor it myself.  

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