Thursday, March 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Hitler Discovers Dylan Won Nobel Prize for Literature

I don't recall who did this kind of thing first. Woody Allen's 1966 romp What's Up, Tiger Lily was a hilarious early version of the form, dubbing English over a foreign language film.

There's nothing quite like the unexpected, well-executed. This piece was published October 13 last fall, very shortly after the announcement had been made. Someone was very clever, though actually the same segment was published four months earlier with another set of subtitles in reaction to Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination.

I'm not sure who created this, but for sure they deserve an award of their own. Best short documentary? The script is rich with gems. The Führer discovers that a Jewish singer-songwriter from the Midwest has just won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

(Note: A pair of F-bombs make this a PG-13, fwiw.)

Meantime, life goes on all around you. Catch a laugh when you can.

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