Sunday, May 21, 2017

Duluth Dylan Fest Continues: Bill Pagel's Einstein Disguised as Robin Hood at Karpeles

Dylan signed this classmate's Hibbing High yearbook.
I like people with a sense of humor. Archivist Bill Pagel may be a serious collector of Dylan memorabilia and iconography, but he can also tweak the funny bone when he wishes. Last night, before the Robby Vee show at Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, Bill gave me a guided tour of the various display cases and their contents, pointing out what's new and different this year. This was useful because some of what's new is similar to last year and only subtly different. (c.f. the acetate.)

One thing that didn't exist last year at this time was the Nobel Prize that Bob Dylan received this past fall. And so, in one display case you will find a program from the Nobel Prize Ceremony that includes the seating arrangements, an official document from that auspicious occasion, and in that selfsame case there is the Nobel Prize. Bill says to me, "I called Bob and asked if he would loan it to us this week." As I wrapped my head around that, an impish smile crossed his face.

In Dylan circles the players all know one another, just as in magician circles there's an insider's club of sorts, a mutual respect society. I don't know where Bill Pagel's collection stands in the grand scheme of things, but for sure there are some impressive items of note on display here through the end of June. And this is only a sliver of what I've seen, which was purportedly only a slice of what he has collected.

Last year we saw the acetate for Visions of Johanna. 
Here are some of the things you can expect to see if you visit Karpeles. This week is Duluth Dylan Fest and if you find an opening in your schedule I encourage you to make your way to this Duluth treasure.

The Hematite is the name of the Hibbing High yearbook. I was informed that this year's Hematite (top right) is different from the one that was on display last year. If you blow up the photo you will see how Bob used the word "huh" at one point. If you look elsewhere you will notice the "huh" is something of a tell-tale sign of authenticity.

A withdrawn library book becomes home to lyrics for
the Ballad of Donald White.
One of the famous early events in the Dylan saga.

Dylan famously scrawled across all the pages of a Robert Shelton book of photos.
Bill Pagel has collected some of these pages.
Bob's mother Beatty is here seen behind Joan Baez and Bob.
I think she's enjoying herself.
Scarlet Rivera (left) has become much loved in the Northland in her efforts
to support the renovation of the Armory.
The name of the exhibit is once again Einstein Disguised As Robin Hood. If you're a Dylan fan, this is something you won't want to miss. Thanks, Bill, for sharing.

Bob's handwritten Chimes of Freedom atop the printed music.
If you had been there, this is what you would have received.

* * * *

Dylan Trivia at Carmody's tonight was fun. Susan Laing from Australia' Outback came the furthest to be here. And she proved herself to be an extremely knowledgeable Dylanologist. Congratulations, Susan, for the many exciting things you've seen during your Stateside Dylan journey.

Meantime, life goes on all round you... get into it.

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