Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Local Art Seen: Moira, Steveboyyi & Wendy Red Star

Moira Villiard's new direction.
Surrealistic impressions by Moira Villiard

Wendy Red Star and Sharon Louden were at the Duluth Art Institute Friday for the opening reception of Reservation Pop in the Morrison Gallery, followed by a lecture on The Artist as Cultural Producer. The ideas in the work were expanded in book form by Sharon Louden. The first images here are from that event. The following are several additional images from last night's show/fund raiser featuring work by Moira Villiard and Steveboyyi Makubuya of Uganda.

The DAI event included a Saturday workshop hosted by Louden.

Painting by Moira Villiard at The Red Mug.
For those unaware Steveboyyi, who was with us from Uganda this past winter, had sustained an eye injury when he was younger, which was recently re-damaged shortly after his return to Africa, resulting in an optic nerve atrophy. The young artist is now blind in one eye, which was a devastating blow. The fund raiser aims to help Steveboyyi get back on his feet as well as, if possible, to be able to get corrective surgery one day.

The paintings and cards based on his art are available for sale at Red Mug. If you would like to simply contribute cash for Steveboyyi, who not only has a passion for art but also for helping orphans in Uganda -- as he was raised in an orphanage --  contact Moira (rhymes with Theory) through Facebook or here in Duluth at the American Indian Community Housing Organization where she works.

Moira Villiard talks with artist/author Ellen Sandbeck.
Meantime, are goes on all around you. Think about it. 

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