Saturday, September 9, 2017

Casey Neistat Says, "DO WHAT YOU CAN'T"

This month's Popular Mechanics has a cover story featuring Casey Neistat, a high school dropout who achieved fame and fortune despite his unconventional path to the limelight. Here's the magazine:

We're living in the Social Media stage of the Internet Age and Neistat, an upstart startup, is one of its surprising stars. Check out this video (Rated PG-13 for Language.)

Love the soundtrack. The message? It's the classic motivational tune... dance to your own music. March to your own beat. Sing your song. Find your own path. Don't be afraid to COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES

When all is said and done, what is Neitsat selling? Dreams? Audacity? Himself? If it were just "himself" he would not have gone viral. And there's plenty of audacity on the web, so that's not really his product either. You can read more about Casey Neistat here and here

Now for the question:
What's Holding You Back?

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