Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Local Art Seen: Native Artist Leah Yellowbird's Stunning New Work at the AICHO

The work Leah Yellowbird has been producing now defies easy categorization other than to say it is remarkable. The sad part of language is that in our super-hype culture words like "awesome" and other superlatives have been watered down from overuse. Yes, I am guilty of using similar language at times, in an effort to convey how distinctive something is. In Leah Yellowbird's case, the words aren't big enough, expressive enough to convey the power one sees and feels here.

This past Friday evening was the opening reception for her new show DIMENSIONS. Her technical explorations have led her into more 3-D constructions and continued decorative marvels. Her American flag is one of the most striking new pieces. I share three photos here from various angles so as to help convey the whole of it properly. I can't recall ever having seen anything like it.

Here are a dozen images from the Dimensions show, some of them showing a close-up detail to help you appreciate the work involved. At the end of this page is a link to my interview with Leah from a couple years ago. She is an artist whom I will continue to watch, a true innovator. 

Flag, from the left.
From the front. 
From the right. As you can see, one photo would fail to convey what you see here.
This is a decorated table.
Much of her imagery has its origin in nature.
This close-up shows the detail that might initially be missed in the piece above.
Her snakes writhe.
Her horses leap from the imagination.
Like a blossoming flower, her creative spirit emerges and unfolds
in endless new forms.

Ms. Yellowbird's work is currently on display in the Dr. Robert Powless Cultural Center at the AICHO Building on Second Street in Duluth.

Meantime, art goes on all around you. Get into it.

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