Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Andy Advantage -- Every Community Needs Its Champions

A couple weeks ago Goin' Postal, the package delivery station on Tower Avenue in Souptown owned and managed by Andrew Perfetti, hosted it's 8th Annual Spring Art Show. This time V.I.P Vintage Pizza linked arms with the shipping store. With fabulous afterparty atmosphere created by several groups of performers, it was impressive.

As I headed back toward my car, after catching a set by Laura Velvet and the Bookhouse Boys, it dawned on me how expansive Andy's vibe is. As far back as I've known him, Andy's always reaching high, trying to make things happen. Before Karen Sunderman's Playlist on Channel 8, Andy attempted to assemble a team of creatives to somehow produce a show. Though it never came to fruition, it was my first inkling that Andy dreamed big. His vision for a big Halloween party fund raiser that would fill Wade Stadium seemed too far fetched to be believed. Yet sure enough, it happened, with more than 2000 attendees, all for a good cause, NoteWorthy Kids.

As a photographer he's first rate. I used numerous Perfetti photos for AMSOIL advertising. His motorcycle shots were authentic and strong. He also does weddings and live band performances. He knows how to capture the action.

As a musician he's formed numerous successful bands in a variety of genres and played with some very top seed performers. And as an art curator his shipping store has become an art gallery. He's produced eight years of local art shows and now plans yet another big event for this fall, with as many as five venues. Maybe more.

All this is a setup to make a few points. First, that the community has been a beneficiary, enriched as it is by art and music. Second that we could use more champions of the arts like Andy. And finally, hey man, "Happy Birthday."

* * * *
I asked for quotes from a few friends and thought these were pretty insightful:

"Andy is one of the most generous people I have ever met. He frequently donates his time, passion and energy to causes both great and small. He can be counted on to champion the underdog and takes pride in rallying support for the overlooked. And as I've been lucky enough to see on more than one occasion, he brings out the best in those around him by focusing their talents to accomplish remarkable things." 
--Dewey Asbach

"If you look up 'passion' in the dictionary, I think you'll find a picture of Andy. Whether it's the art of the Goin' Postal shows or the music of Laura Velvet and Revolution Jones, Andy is a huge part of the driving energy. If Andy's involved, you know it's going to rock."
--John Heino

* * * *
Andy and Becky. Beside every great man is a fine woman. 
Andy's service as a businessman has associations with people from all walks of life. He's also served his country overseas, a veteran who once deployed in Bosnia.

But it's his support for his friends that makes him most noteworthy. Hence, their support for his crazy-big schemes.

Again, Happy Birthday, Andy. Thanks for all you do.

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