Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Oh What A Week -- Duluth Dylan Fest 2018

A handful of images from another memorable Dylan Fest.
This year's winner of the singer/songwriter competition
Marths'a Stolen Horses, flanked by Amy Grillo and Pat Eliason.
Many of the photos on this page (all the better ones) and during my coverage of DDF 2018 were taken by Michael Anderson, who has so graciously been covering many of our events in the past. Here is a link to an online Dylan Fest gallery of Michael Anderson photography that you will surely want to check out. Thank you, Michael.

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Do you have a favorite moment or highlight from this year's Dylan Fest? Did you celebrate Dylan's birthday somewhere else in some special way? Please feel free to leave a comment.

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Phil said...

Very fine photo-essay wrap-up, Ed. Thanks for all the great work and especially for faithful coverage here on your blog! Duluth is lucky to have such a devoted artist/journalist/Dylanologist as you.