Monday, July 2, 2018

Local Art Seen: More Images from the Downtown Arts Walk in Duluth

A Kirsten Aune design.
Saturday I shared a little about the new Duluth Arts Walk that was initiated by the Downtown Arts Collective as well as some photos from my Friday early evening walkabout. I'm curious how the art walk was initiated. Is there a relationship between the DAW and the Duluth Public Arts Commission? Or did it begin as a group of independent galleries and artists rolling up their sleeves and doing something?

For the general public it probably doesn't matter much how "art happens" in Duluth. What matters more, to those who want to know, is when and where to go see it or be part of it. The Downtown Arts Walk is slated to continue year-round on the last Friday of each month. A map has been generated that also lists the participating venues. (Follow this link to the Map.)

Bill Shipley's Sailboat Series inspired by our great lake.

Peter at Pineapple has an intriguing background and many stories.
James Brinsfield retrospective at Joseph Nease Gallery.
Brinsfield's large canvases invite closer inspection.
Detail of Brinsfield painting features unusual crackle effects.
Terry Millikan piece on display at Lizzard's shows Matisse-like explorations.
Found in Joellyn Rock's exhibit space.
Next time you are at Pizza Luce, cross the street to see Ryan Tischer's
photos from a trip to Iceland.
Amanda Hunter at Joseph Nease Gallery will help you learn more about the Brinsfield show.
This design on the wall at Kirsten Aune's sister Alison,
a graduate of Ohio University who teaches at UMD.

Am looking forward to seeing what else is on tap for July.
Meantime, art goes on all around you. Engage it.

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