Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Spotlight on Susie's Art Collage Gift Bags, Cards and Tags

This coming Saturday Peace Church is hosting the Woman-Made Art & Gift Fair, featuring 20 Northland female artists. This is the 10th year of the event, which is rightfully subtitled "Marvelous Things Made By Northland Women." Admission is Free and so is the parking.

TIME: 10 a.m.-3 p.m.,
ADDRESS: 1111 N. 11th Avenue E. "

This year Susie will be one of the artisans displaying her wares. My aim here is to provide a sneak preview of what you can find at her display there, along with a few good reasons to not go home empty handed.

* * * * 

Gift Bags

Some bags use colorful print feedsack material from the 1930s. Others use B&W prints from old family photos. Many use Susie's hand-painted paper and block-print designs.

Each bag is individually crafted and unlike any other.

Gift Bag Themes include:
-- Baby Showers & Kids
-- Wedding Shower themes
-- Gifts for a guy
-- Christmas (It's not too early to be thinking about Christmas)
-- Women's Friendship
and more....

WE ALL KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE how much fun it is when someone walks in with a gift. Unlike wrapping paper, which is often torn off and thrown away, gift bags can be used again and again. I'm thinking here of wine or culinary delights. Gift bags are a great way to hold several smaller gifts, like a year-round Christmas stocking. Eyes light up when you walk into the room with a gift bag...

Gift bags are handy, too, because you can place your card right in the bag so you don't forget it in the car, or on the counter when you leave for the party or luncheon.

SPEAKING OF CARDS, Susie also makes original cards with Art-velopes, each a unique down-home creation.

Here's a Tip: When you go to arts and crafts fairs, buy extra cards to have on hand for the many occasions where you need a card. Birthdays, graduations, holidays, sympathy and friendship cards... Cards are a memorable way to expressing gratitude.

Here's Another Tip: If you have blank cards with no message inside, Google can help you find words that capture the feeling you are striving to convey.

Susie has created a wide assortment of Gift Tags, also.

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