Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A Way to Help Support the Hibbing Dylan Project and a Glance Back in Time

The Hibbing Dylan Project has been meeting for quite some time to create a tribute to Bob Dylan, who graduated from Hibbing High School and went on to not just dream about changing the world, but to some extent actually making that dream happen. 
His fingerprints are all over popular culture. His lyrics still resonate more than a half century later, and will undoubtedly continue through generations.

Currently the locals are fund raising in Hibbing, to complete this project designed to honor Bob, by selling T-Shirts and hoodies. You can read the details about the original vision here.

The Facebook group, Hibbing Trivia and Lore has organized this fund raiser supporting the Hibbing Dylan Project. If you purchase a T-shirt and/or a hoodie you will help them achieve their goals.

I made a purchase yesterday. Payment is easy with either a credit card or PayPal. (I like PayPal. In fact, if you ever see artwork on my site that interests you, PayPal is my favorite method of payment.)

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This past week I was at our local library doing some research and I discovered that the library not only has microfilm of the local and national newspapers back through time, they've also made it possible to capture images on their computers which can be mailed to you at home.

I decided to check our the front page of the Duluth News Tribune to see what stories were featured on May 24, 1941. What I found was conflicts, and a ramping up for World War II. One major story featured the battle for Crete. A second had to do with a significant naval battle. The centerpiece of the British Navy, the battleship HMS Hood, was sunk by Germany's largest battleship, the Bismarck. The battle took place Northeast of Iceland, with 1500 British seamen losing their lives.

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FWIW, Duluth Dylan Fest is fast approaching and the schedule has firmed up significantly since the beginning of the year. It's another rich lineup with a several new events assembled including Joan Osborne playing a full evening of Dylan tunes on the eve of Bob's 78th birthday. Tickets are selling fairly quickly, so don't wait till the last minute to get yours. BUY TICKETS HERE.

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Stay current with what is happening by bookmarking or for an outline of our 2019 events print out the Full Schedule Here.

May you stay forever young.

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