Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Duluth Dylan Fest Art Exhibit at Zeitgeist... and the Week Rolls On

Monday evening was the opening reception for our Duluth Dylan Fest art show. 
Art was always included as a part of Hibbing's Dylan Days and as fans are aware,  
Dylan himself has always been active in the visual arts.
Thank you to all the artists who contributed to make this event special.

"Finding Shelter from the Storm" -- Kathryn E. Lenz
"Head in the Clouds" -- Kris Nelson
"Her Neighbors Understood" -- S. Flip
"Keeping Time" -- Kim Buskala

"Washed Ashore" -- Kris Nelson
"The Origen of Progenies" -- Tim Beaulier
"Bob" -- Margie Helstrom
"Around and Further" -- Adam Swanson
* * * *
Tom O'Keefe and Friends
Tom Franzig, Darryl Yahnke, Tom O'Keefe and Scott Junkert
there was an open jam at Carmody's.
Photos courtesy Michael Anderson

Zane, Ed & Mark

Full schedule of upcoming events can be found at BobDylanWay.com

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