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Home Town News the Weekend Robert Zimmerman Was Born

A couple weeks ago I went to the library to see what was in the news the weekend Robert Zimmerman came into this world. The microfilm reader is linked to a computer setup in which you can create screen grabs, then email them to yourself. It's all pretty heady stuff.
Front page of Duluth News-Tribune on May 24, 1941.
* * * * 
Front page middle section. (click to enlarge)
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This was the following day's front page above the fold.
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You can see why there are so many accordion players here in the Northland.
We live in polka country. Can you tell?
Check out Dylan's polka-jive version of  "Must Be Santa"
It would have been fun to be an extra in that video.
What do you think?

* * * *
A review of Disney's Fantasia, a film that was older than I'd realized.
Still a cult classic and a rewarding experience today.
* * * *

This movie starlet reminded me of images on some of the 
backstage passes Bob used circa 2002-2004.
You can find examples here or just take my word for it.
(Or "just ask me and I'll show you the stars.")

* * * *

This last was a most interesting discovery from looking through two days of 1941 Duluth newspapers. Minnesota became a state in May 1858. The Civil War would break out three years later. And that May 24-25 weekend's newspaper had a story about the oldest living Confederate soldier in Minnesota in May 1941.

As nearly every Duluth Dylan fan already knows, Albert Woolson--who became the last surviving Union soldier, was living in Minnesota as well, just a handful of houses around the corner from Robert Zimmerman's first home on the Central Hillside. The Zimmerman's moved to Hibbing when Bob was 6. Woolson added several years to his life here, passing in 1956.

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