Friday, January 31, 2020

Education Matters: It's National School Choice Week

Painting by Shawna Gilmore. We all want our children to soar.
It's National School Choice Week. Sadly, the government continues to insert itself into every part of our lives, restricting freedom wherever it is able. Always in the name of some higher benevolent purpose, as if bureaucrats know better how to raise our children than we do.

"School choice is the process of allowing every family to choose the K-12 educational options that best fit their children. These options include all forms of education, from traditional public schools, to public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online academies, and homeschooling." (This quote came from the third article below.)

Your kids get one chance at adolescence. There is no reset button on an education. Most parents want the best for their children, and parents will better understand their children's needs than lawyers or bureaucrats ever will.

Here are a number of articles for those who have an interest in this topic.

We Chose Our Child's School. You Should Be Able To Do the Same.

School Choice Opponents Need to Stop Gaslighting Parents

What Is School Choice?

Seattle's School System Wants to Dismantle Its Gifted Programs. This Is Why School Choice Matters.

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LEWagner said...

In the past, the Duluth News Tribune wrote a glowing article praising an example of "home-schooling" that was so extreme it shouldn't have needed to have been "gas-lighted".
I wonder what the Trib says now on the same subject. They never did do a single follow-up story on the Easter Special they presented in 1986.
And they never will, either. They're not honest enough.

Ed Newman said...

Yes, the knife cuts both ways.