Sunday, July 12, 2020

Breaking News: Fun Has Not Been Canceled at Art on the Planet

Watercolors with Anthony Sclavi
Though Cancel Culture has done a lot of steamrolling this year, and Covid-19 has cancelled a multitude of events and activities, there are pockets of our community where Art and Creativity remain a central part of our lives and have not been cancelled. One of these pockets is Art on the Planet in Superior.

Yesterday I received an email from AotP that began in this vein:

The last time we talked we promised that we would find a way for us all to get back to the "FUN" Art to be found in our classroom.... and we are thrilled to announce that art classes are absolutely available for private groups of 6 or less!!!

It appears that they have all the sanitization and social distancing figured out, so all you have to do is call to get set up. Contact Wine Beginnings* (715-392-8466) or message Art On The Planet ( to schedule any of these private classes:
Paint Pour Peel Jewelry ClassPaint a masterpiece with Checkalski Fine Art
Watercolors with Anthony Sclavi
Liquid Acrylic Paint Pouring
Rachel's Rustic Decor Sign-Making
Customize a Wine Glass Set with Checkalski Fine Art & Wine Beginnings
Color-Wash Cork Trivet Projects with Framing by Stengl
(*Art on the Planet shares building space with Wine Beginnings.)

Artists and artisans whose work is available 
at Art on the Planet:

Julie Abraham, Dennis Aho, Rebecca Aitken, Shelley Alvin, Jill Anderson, Lynn Anderson, Richard Anscomb, John Autrey, Kimberlene Ball, Pete Barnett, Kelly Beaster, Debra Berg, Chelsea Branley, Bridgette's Cadillac, Dave Brochu, Sue Brown-Chapin, Craig Bruce, John Buczynski, Reba Buczynski, Sabrina Bunnell, Valarie Burke, Joseph Carlson, Kyle Carlson, Deb Carroll, Scott Checkalski, Richard Chilton, Jan Chronister, Joleen Clendenning, Rebecca Couch-Iatonna, Denise Denu, Frank Doran Associates, Rachel Eisenmann, Barb Engelking, Ann Esala, Susan Fabini, Elizabeth Fedorowicz, Becky Foster, Mike Fudally, Jeff Fujan, Charlene Galazen, Jack Gergen, Cindy Gilbert, Shawna Gilmore, Jamie Goodiel, Anne Marie Gorham, Jack Green, Mary Gregg, Mary Lou Harris, Paula Hegg, Margie Helstrom, Joan Hendershot, Stanley Hendrickson, Laurie Hernandez, Cameo Hilliard, Celia Hintsala, David Hoad, Susan Holley, Thomas Holmstrand, Joan Holmstrand, Theresa Hornstein, Jan Jenson, Ronalee Johannsen, Dawn Karlon, Marge Kehoe, Lindsey Kilgore, Rachelle Kirk, Denise Kitchak,
Aaron Kloss, Jayson Knutson, Lashana Koivisto, Jessica Krueger, Cari Larson, Patricia Lenz, David Lesczynski, Ki Lindgren, Gretchen Lisdahl, Susan Litehiser, Don Little, Devin Lowney, Bill Lyth, Lee Makinen, Lauren Marmorine, Michelle Marquart, Steve Matheson, Donald Mattson, Sue Matuszak, Sarah Mayne, Martha Miller-Powell, Mary McMahan, Ryan Murphy, Kris Nelson , Janet Nelson, Rachel Nelson, Ed Newman, Susie Newman, Amanda Nindorf, Lydia Noble, Sheila Oak, Rebecca Olson, Kathie Otterino, Kathleen Patchen, Bruce Pauc, Sue Pavlatos, Emily Peterson, Holly Phillips, Laurie Pinther, Esther Piszczek, John Poldoski, Joe Polecheck Tom Postudensek, Michelle Purvis, William Ralph, Sue Rauschenfels, Cari Reder, Kathleen Rehm, Jamey Ritter, Pat Roberts, Gloria Roy, Madison Rupp, Dan Savoye, Patty Schafter, Dani Schmidt, Nancy Senn, Kat Senn, Margee Senn, Rachel Senn, Pat Shehan, Similar Dogs, Betty Steeg, Kristen Stetzer, Richard Stirling, Cassandra Stovern, Caroline Strezishar, Edna Stromquist, Kenneth Swensen, Michelle Swanson, Phaedra Torres, Judy Webb, Jamie Welch, Mary Jo Wiseman, Sandra Wojtoff, Dellwin Wright, Joseph Zastrow, Karen Zeisler

Zentangle design by Esther Piszczek
Paint Pour Peel Jewelry Class. You can do this.

FOR CURBSIDE PICKUP. Click on the Art2Go tab.

1413 Tower Avenue, Superior, WI 54880 
Gallery Hours - Wednesday - Friday: 11:30 - 6:30 / Saturday: 10:00 - 4:00

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