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Susie's Art Classes 2 Go Now Available at Art on the Planet

What is it that is so rewarding about expressing our inner creative self? I've always believed that the creative urge was something innate that needed to be exercised, like our physical muscles, almost an essential part of being human.

This is not to say we must all make fine art, write poetry or become concert pianists. It does, however, seem like the world is more vibrant and life is greatly enriched when we create.

For the the past four decades of our marriage I have enjoyed the multitude of ways that Susie has expressed her creativity. What is evident to me is how the creative process always gets her invigorated, while at the same time becomes a blessing for others.

Susie's Art Classes 2 Go were designed to provide materials and instructions so that others can have this experience of guided creation. Her aim was to provide the tools and materials which, when combined with your own creativity, will produce results that you will enjoy sharing with others. And give you ideas for your own future creative projects.

EN: What are Art Classes 2 Go?

Susie Newman: During the pandemic, art classes such as though Community ed. or Art on the Planet "Wine Beginnings" classes are on hold, but people more than ever need a creative outlet! I've worked on coming up with a couple of projects where you can take the packet with all materials and instructions home and create something fun as well as usable. On a nice day a group could still do them together, social distancing in a backyard maybe.

EN: You've been doing creative projects for decades, but this is something different. What prompted you to make these kits?

My daughter turned her goose egg shell into a cactus.
SN: Earlier in the pandemic I did a fun project with a group of friends. Everyone got a goose egg shell, (compliments of my five goose girls) and made something creative using the egg. One of my friends then said it was so fun she wished I would come up with another project. That got me thinking! I had just begun to get involved with teaching community ed classes in Proctor when Covid came along and brought my plans to a screeching halt.

Around this time also an organization in Duluth called Age Well Arrowhead was calling for home made greeting cards to give elderly people to bring cheer and encouragement during this difficult time for many. I sent them some of my cards that I make. Then I noticed that Art on the Planet was offering an art class to go, so I contacted them and they were all for my two project ideas, one of them making greeting cards, and the other art paper that could be used as wrapping paper.

Art paper samples for wrapping paper.
EN: A lot of people, when they think of art think of fine art and paintings for the wall. Can you talk a little about why functional art is so rewarding to make?

Paper for card making. These are part of
the Greeting Cards with Artvelopes set.
SN: I've always especially enjoyed making things that are usable. There's only so much room on the walls for paintings or other framed art. There is something especially fun to me to make products that become part of everyday life and I can share with others. When it gets used up, then I have the pleasure of making more!

EN: Can you describe what each kit will produce?

SN: One of these kits makes 6 greeting cards with "artvelopes." You will cut out and make the envelope out of designed paper using a template provided. The envelope is decorative and becomes part of the art of the card. There are some very cool papers out there, as well as some full photo pages from thrift store books. Each kit includes most of the following themes, Africa, Down Under, Retro 60's, Sea life, Tie dye, and Woodland or Barnyard.

The other kit makes 6 pieces of artsy tie dye style paper. When I sold these at art/craft sales the people who bought them said they didn't want to use it as wrapping paper, they planned to put it on a wall or on a table as decoration. That will be up to the artist who makes them.

I have more ideas for Art Classes to Go including some kid's projects.

EN: Where can we find your Art Classes 2 Go?  

SN: Art on the Planet is located at 1413 Tower Avenue in Superior. You can order the kits on the Art Classes 2 Go page on their website. These two kits are located at the bottom of the page so you'll have to scroll down. You can also click on the Art on the Planet logo in the right hand column here. Art on the Planet represents a wide swath of local artists. If you prefer to order an art kit online, they also do Curbside Delivery.

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Rooster card with Artvelope.

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