Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Colorful Twin Ports Art Scene In Autumn

I saw maple leaves turning colors here this week. You can feel the early hints of autumn. Hot August nights are behind us now. The sheer beauty of the fall colors lifts the soul. Though mostly green still, the leaves will yield and be painted by the faeries, elves and gnomes who become quite busy this time of year.

Special thanks to Esther for assembling the Twin Ports Art Blog. Here's a link to places to see or make Art in September. The listings begin with dates and times for Esther's Zentangle classes, which are a form of yoga for the mind. Creative expression is a form of therapy and for many this is just the ticket.

There are online events and off-line, in person things to see and do, the latter always with a social distancing component. There are also some arts related fund raisers including the DAI Gala which will be virtual this year.

As regards social distancing, it's strange to be reading a novel and people are walking arm-in-arm, tapping someone on the shoulder, giving hugs when they see each other. If I'd read the same six month ago it may not have been noticed. The fact that I did notice while reading yesterday says something has shifted internally to cause that reaction.

Hope you are adjusting well. Art is can do many things to us, soothing our anxieties or helping us escape. And on place you can see art at no cost is on the exterior walls of many of our buildings. The two photos on this page are part of a new mural on Lincoln Park Hostel and Resource Center. (Details here)

Don't become a couch potato or bowl of pudding. Stay active. Read through the Twin Ports Art Blog and select a few things to do that interest you. Or break new ground and take up a new hobby. Harmonicas are fun, for example. When the pandemic lifts you can surprise your friends. Make them say, "I didn't know you played the harmonica.?

Meantime life goes on.

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