Friday, April 2, 2021

I Violated Community Standards -- Am I Doomed?

Very strange. Years ago I was encouraged to set up a "business account" on Facebook for Ennyman's Territory. The only thing it did (once set up) was to have Facebook constantly remind me I would have more traffic if I advertised (i.e. Paid Facebook Money). I never "pushed" the page to be liked, but have a few followers even though I do seldom post there.

Instead, each day after publishing my post for the day I would share on Facebook and Tweet it. I have a modest following on FB and 4K+ Twitter followers, so the ritual of writing and then sharing on these social media platforms worked for me. Until this happened about a month ago:

>>>>People who recently visited your page, Ennyman's Territory, recommended changes to the information on your page.<<<<<
This is so bizarre that it defies comprehension, and I have been unable to find a human being at Facebook who can help me beyond their Bots who now tell me I am Spamming.

Is it spamming to write something once a day and share it? I don't put it on everyone else's wall. That would be spamming. I just put it on my own, or used to

Did someone really complain? Or was it an A.I. Terminator that flagged me.
Then I received these notes from Michael Johnson and Lois Sandy Marshall:

Michael John
Yup, I just confirmed that facebook won't let anyone go to your blog by clicking the link on your Ennyman's Territory page, nor would they let me post the link here as a comment. I clicked through their reasons 'why' and found they said it violated the Community Standards / rules against spam. I contested the decision and now it sits a couple posts above this one with a red oval around it (not sure if anyone can see that but me).

Lois Sandy Marshall
Well, cousin, I tried to post your 3/18/21 blog on my own page. Here is what I got:
This URL goes against our Community Standards on spam:
pioneerproductions.blogspot dot com
I registered a disagree with the decision. (BTW, I can post your blog by using the word "dot" instead of . in your URL.)

So it was not the action of posting my blog daily, but Ennyman's Territory itself that was the problem, the trouble, and I the despicable violator of community standards, ostracized like a mad cur, a slimy swamp rat, scaly cold-blooded reptile, a poisonous pillock, gorbellied miscreant, a rank compound of odious smells from a pile of plague sores....

OK, methinks I got carried away.

What happened next surprised me even more. I AM UNABLE TO LIKE anyone's posts on Instagram. I have been following a number of local and international artists, really enjoying the creativity and letting them know by tapping on the Heart.

Every time I attempt to "Like" by touching the Heart icon, I get this message:

Try Again Later
We restrict certain activity to protect our community.

Well, it's obvious what's happening on Instagram. Facebook owns Instagram, and once flagged as a troublemaker on Facebook, it was only a matter of time before I was handcuffed on Instagram. It only took roughly a week, if that.

Funny thing is, I can still post photos and share on Instagram. Why can't I interact with people there? I am isolated... kicked off the island.

I still like to look, though without a handshake it feels like I'm just a lurker. So be it.


Unknown said...

I intend to keep trying to post your URL here. Who knows, maybe I'll be exiled to the Kalaupapa (the leper's island) but I mean to keep it up until I get to either post or they kick me off. This has gone way beyond reasonable.

LEWagner said...

It's not because of your content, but it is because you posted it daily.

Unknown said...

How can I get my Facebook account back

Ed Newman said...

Hi Unknown.
You can try to start over with a new identity.
Or maybe ask Google what to do....