Monday, January 10, 2022

A Dozen Interesting Pages I Have Bookmarked Over The Years

Sooner or later you have to clear your cache, your cookies and occasionally trim your bookmarks. Tonight I decided to remove those that I saw no use for, but to do so required checking out most of the rest before choosing to delete or save. Here are a dozen web pages that may be of interest to a portion of the readers here. Many stem from my writing and advertising career, some from other interests and a few are Dylan related. You expected that, right? 

The titles of each site are in bold so you know they are titles, but they are also hotlinks. I had a half dozen other topics in the queue, but none were completely ready to go. C'est la vie.

* * * 

Clients From Hell
A website for agencies and freelancers...

Scam Exposer
Is it an Income Opportunity or a Scam
When your side hustles aren't working, maybe someone else's is.

Aurora Three-Day Forecasts
Want to improve your odds of seeing Northern Lights?
First, you need clear skies, but this page will help improve your odds.

A Crowd-Funding Site for Artists & Creators
Maybe you're already familiar with Patreon?

Movie Scripts and Screenplays
A great source for bloggers and writers who do movie reviews.

Theme Time Radio Hour
Hosted by Bob Dylan Himself... It's the real deal.

The Ad Contrarian
Bob Hoffman's rants about the ad agency world

Ethics Alarms
An ethics commentary blog on current events and social issues

Influence & Co. 
Insights to fuel your content marketing strategy

Writer's Write
Guidelines for Writers

The Bobcats
A Bob Dylan Fan Podcast, by Matt Steichen

Podcast: Enhance Life with Music with Mindy Peterson
A holistic look at the power of music in our everyday lives.

* * * 

A Quote for the Day
When a youth was giving himself airs in the Theater and saying, 
"I am wise because I have conversed with many wise men,"
Epictetus replied, "I, too, have conversed with many rich men, 
yet I am not rich.

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