Thursday, January 13, 2022

Another Post About Books: New Arrivals at the Duluth Public Library

As nearly everyone knows, I love libraries, and especially appreciate the Duluth Public Library. One of the most challenging parts of 2020 for me was not having access to the library. There is something magical about looking at the spines of books on the shelves, reading titles and occasionally slipping one from its home to check out the cover and flip through its pages.

Our library also has a satisfying variety of DVDs and audio books, historical documents, newspapers, and 20 to 30 computers for internet browsing.

One of my favorite sections is an island of shelves upstairs containing new arrivals. The new arrivals shelves feature both fiction and non-fiction. If you know your Dewey-Decimal System, the 921s are always well represented. Who doesn't love biographies? 

I think that if I were to come back in another life, 
I would like to design book covers.

At the Duluth Public Library, the staff is always so helpful that even if you didn't like books as much as me, you would enjoy asking for help simply to put a lift in your step. (I have to interject here that the Superior Library staff is equally helpful. Perhaps libraries have that effect on all librarians everywhere.)

This page of random photos was taken yesterday in various parts of the New Arrivals shelf.

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