Monday, May 8, 2023

Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art: Renaissance Vibe in a Northland Kind of Way

I have been following the Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art since it was a gleam in its founder's eyes. Jeffrey T. Larson was an accomplished painter in the style of the Old Masters, but how well would he execute his vision for the school he aimed to build? After graduating several rounds of students from his 3-year program, it's apparent that he not only knows how to teach, but also knows how to manage a bustling young art school. Together with his son Brock the Larsons invested their assets, time and energy into fulfilling this dream.

This weekend the doors were open for their annual Teacher/Student Art Exhibition. As in every past year, the work these young people are producing is impressive. This year I found it all the more so because of my recent trip to Italy. Here are a few photos I took at the opening reception.

It's sometimes hard to take photos of drawing with glass in the frames.
In this case I enjoyed adding the reflection as an element.

The GLAFA is located in a former Catholic church building. The architecture assists in creating a suitable ambiance for art-making.

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