Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Cars In Parma

That's some tight parallel parking there.
While in Italy I noticed that the cars were nearly all quite compact. In Florence the roads were especially narrow, so small made sense. In Parma, the roads were less constricted, yet the cars were still small, in part because the high taxes on fuel as well as the cars themselves. What was especially prominent were motorcycles and motorbikes. I also saw a few one-man (or one-woman) Smart cars.

On one occasion in Parma I decided to take photos of the emblems on the hood of all the cars on a singe street near the city center. In this particular street I don't believe I saw two that were identical. Here are the photos I took.

There were other cars that I saw but including a cool Ferrari.
Evidently I failed to photograph the one Ford Fiesta I saw. 
This particular batch was lined up on one specific street.
As for big diesel pickups, I saw none.

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LEWagner said...

Small cars are good for personal transportation, but I'm thinking there must be trucks for transport of equipment and goods?

Ed Newman said...

I was in the inner city of "Old Florence" and primarily the same in Parma... I did see some a few garbage trucks and I am certain that in the farmland surrounding Parma there are trucks for hauling goods.
In the suburban area North of Florence there was a lot of construction going on with the kind of cranes used to build high-rise apartments and skyscrapers.
In general, people are "energy conscious" in that they kept their homes cooler by about 10 degrees and had small vehicles or motorcycles or no vehicles at all.

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