Friday, December 25, 2009

Photos from Bentleyville

I don't know where the tradition of Christmas lights began, but there sure are a lot of fabulous displays out there in our neck of the woods. Most spectacular of all has always been the array of lights and ornamentation called Bentleyville, set back in the woods at the far end of the Morris Thomas Road on the outskirts of Cloquet.

This year Bentleyville, and Santa, moved into town, becoming exceedingly visible and a highlight of the 2009 Christmas season. Founded and funded by Nathan Bentley, with the help of sponsors and an ever increasing army of volunteers, Bentleyville has once again outdone itself. By mid-December more than 100,000 people had visited this fairyland of reindeer, lights and generosity, now re-located in Duluth's Bayfront Park.

This past week Kelly McFaul-Solem showed me a selection of photos she had taken at Bentleyville recently. They were so cool I asked her if I could post a few here. She sent them to me gladly, as long as I gave credit where it was due. (Be sure to click on images to enlarge.)

Merry Christmas, y'all!

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