Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of 2009

We're just hours from the year's end, an appropriate time for a backward glance at the year now past. In January the nation saw its first Black president sworn into office, sending a signal that in America the impossible can still sometimes be possible, whatever the color of your skin.

New York baseball fans helped their Yankees move into a new stadium. The grateful Yanks thanked their fans by winning a pennant and World Series.

The year ended with Tiger Woods being disgraced as it was discovered that like many fallen heroes before him, the legendary golfer likewise has feet of clay.

I'm sure that with little effort you can find many lists of top stories, including top sports stories, to fashion stories, top movies, bestselling authors, top new events and more. What follows here is something you probably won't find elsewhere... a few of my favorite Ennyman's Territory blog entries of 2009.

But the Top Story of 2009 was Wilmer "Bud" Wagner's 90th birthday celebration this past summer. He's not the oldest WWII veteran on record, nor is he the only one to have published his memoirs. He does, however, have a remarkable story. There were even well wishers who sent greetings from Northern Italy, where he completed his uniformed service. And when our local television stations caught wind of it, they also sent cameras. Here's how Bud's story played out on KDQS Fox 21.

In the meantime, may your 2010 be your very best. Live every day as if this were the day you would re-live forever. Happy New Year.

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